Wow another offer?

Is there still something for you guys to

Why didn't you make it a part of
the main product ?

THESE. Are the questions that you are probably asking right now. And I completely understand that. You see, most marketing funnels nowadays are simply feature breakdowns of the main plugin and just a way to make more money for the vendors. I don’t know about you, but I somewhat dislike it.

On other hand, if there’s something that’s offered by to add massive value to my business, I shut up and listen.

So you bought Viral and most likely the Unfair Advantage, and that’s really all you need to work with Viral and drive virtually unlimited traffic to any page or offer or link..

BUT.. What if I say that there’s something that we NEVER thought about selling until a day before Viral went LIVE..

You know, Something that not only adds more value but also ensures that your conversions are super high.

As I mentioned earlier, Viral is being used by a handful of Beta Clients in Bangalore.. and these guys are paying $67 a month to avail our services...

So in order to give them extreme value we got some custom pages created for them that converts anywhere between 54% to 79%...which is INSANE for Cold Traffic.

Presenting Viral
Template Club!

Inside the template club you will not only get access to our Personal and proven lead generation templates, but also get beautiful webinar landing pages CPA Offer page (which are basically Clickable button for direct access or download) Download page and more.

We spent thousands of dollars to get these created, and tweaked it as we went to make it perfectly optimized to make you sales and build your lead database.

As If this wasn’t enough, we created a Wordpress plugin that would make the use of Viral super-duper easy.

Now don’t get me wrong. Viral is super simple anyway even without this plugin, but since our offline clients are 110% Techno phobes and I personally start getting seizures just by looking at HTML codes, we developed this plugin that connects with your account and fetches all the campaign in from your account 2 clicks. It then generates a shortcode, which is nothing crazy like HTML codes, that you can simply copy and paste onto your page or post or both.

So if you are anything like me and want that Extra something to make life super easier, then this is a Golden chance to do exactly that.
Just take a quick look at the templates and how simple it is to use the plugin.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are over 50 templates that include

  • Webinar Pages

  • Lead gen pages

  • CPA Pages

  • Thank you Pages

  • Video Background pages

  • And Presell Pages

  • These high converting pages work perfectly with Viral to not only drive MASSIVE Traffic to your websites or pages, but to also give you the benefit over your competitors who might choose not to grab this pack. These templates help you generate way more leads because your conversions goes up at least by 200 to 300% and monetize the traffic instantly by using CPA pages...

    Make sure to take action NOW, because this page will be removed forever after this charter launch!

    So hit the Button just below this Video or check out the rest of the page to know more about our Template club. Either way, make sure you take action NOW!

    See you in the member’s area!

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